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The following will be checked as part of the Application Process:
Current employment must be verified through supervisor/personnel department or with your two most recent pay stubs including salary. Must be employed with company for at least a year or within the same trade if new employment. If you are a new contracted employee an offer letter or letter from HR would be acceptable.


Each person is qualified individually, married couples will qualify with a combined income.  Single occupant/Married couple must make 3x the amount of rent in gross income. Roommates/Domestic partners must each make 2x the amount of rent in gross income.

Rental History
NO EVICTIONS for any party that is intending to live in the unit.
Must have previous rental or ownership history that is in good standing with a zero balance owed to previous landlords.

Criminal History
Applicant(s) will be denied if they have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony involving:

1. Sexual misconduct
2. Illegal manufacture, sale and/or distribution of a controlled substance with a 7 year look back to date of conviction
3. A physical crime against a person(s) or another persons property with a 7 year look back to date of conviction.

Application Fee

Once you have successfully submitted your application, you will be taken to a page to pay your application fee.  A $40 application fee is required for all applicants or $50 application fee is required for all married couples.  Any resident over the age of 18 unless they are a dependent child is considered an applicant and must fill out an application.


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    As a part of your application process you may submit your two most recent paystubs. Please limit your files size to 6Meg. (pdf, jpg, png, or jpeg)

    Attach resent pay stub.


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    By submitting and signing this application you’re requesting be considered for the leasing of this unit.  To reserve this unit a security deposit must be paid.  Once you submit a security deposit you understand that the deposit is only refundable if this application is denied.  All parties applying for the same unit must be individually approved.

    After Clicking Submit, You will either an error message letting you know something is missing from your Application OR taken to a new page were you will receive directions on paying your Application Fee.

    PDF Application:

    If you would like print out and fill out our PDF Application to fax to our office 417-720-4755.