Pet Policy/Guidelines

Professional Property Management offers pet friendly apartments/duplexes/townhouses in Springfield and surrounding areas in Missouri so that you and your pets can live in luxury together.

There are a few guidelines concerning pets you need to know:

  • We consider your pets as part of the community, and they will be identified on the lease. Only those pets on the lease may occupy the premises
  • Only 2 pets per unit
  • Pets cannot be over 30 pounds and must be housebroken
  • Pets MUST be of one year of age and older, NO puppies or kittens.
  • Only non-aggressive breeds of dogs are allowed (no pit-bull, rottweiler, etc.)
  • There are pet waste stations located throughout the property for your convenience when walking your pet
  • Pet fees are $300 one-time per pet (upon lease signing). These fees are permission fees and do not cover any potential future damage that your pet may cause. These would be your responsibility to cover if damage would occur
  • Any unauthorized pets will result in a $100 a month fine.

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