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You don’t have to be a major player in the real estate market to take advantage of a qualified property manager. At Professional Property Management, we have clients who ask us to tend to the upkeep of their vacation homes or a single home rental property. No matter how much property you entrust to our safekeeping, you’ll have our full attention. You determine how much you want us to do, and we’ll get the job done. We offer our clients in the Springfield, MO, area a variety of services.

Our goal will be to obtain your complete satisfaction. We’ll deliver the services you need at a competitive cost so you can still see a return on your investment without having to do all the work associated with owning rental property.

Do you own a multi-tenant residence in Springfield, MO that requires ongoing care and supervision? Handling the day-to-day operations of an apartment building or complex is no easy task. Rather than struggle to keep up, enlist the help of Professional Property Management. As an established apartment property management company, we have the knowledge and skills to provide your property with the care and attention it needs.
Leave the Details to Us

When you hire Professional Property Management, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that an experienced team is keeping your property running smoothly. Our apartment property management services include:

  • Building maintenance
  • Rent collection
  • Lease processing and renewals
  • Utilities
  • Grounds keeping

Protect your investment and keep your apartment building or complex in good shape so that it appeals to prospective tenants: It’s all possible with our comprehensive apartment management services. Call today to schedule a meeting and see what we can do for your property.

If buying rental property for extra income has turned out to be more like an extra job, Professional Property Management can lighten the burden of maintenance and dealing with tenants. With our help, you’ll be able to generate income while we tend to the details. Our clients in Springfield, MO, no longer have to worry about tenant selection, rent collection, or property maintenance because they know we’ve got everything under control. As a well-established property management company, we’ll handle:

  • Interior and exterior repairs
  • General maintenance
  • Lease processing and renewals

We’ll oversee your property to ensure that everything is running smoothly, and we’ll keep you updated with regular reports regarding the status of the property as well as the financial side of your investment. You can rest assured that we’ll always operate with your best interests in mind.

We have a growing number of satisfied clients in the Greater Springfield area, and we’d like to add you to that list. If you’re tired of doing all the work associated with your rental property, let our property management team explain how we can lighten your burden. Call Professional Property Management today to schedule a consultation.

Whether you own a large apartment complex with multiple units or a single home that you regularly rent out, you have much to gain from having an experienced professional handle the ins and outs of managing your property. Rental property management is no easy task, but with Professional Property Management, you can leave your home in Springfield, MO in our trusted hands and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our team has got you covered.
Benefits Galore

At Professional Property Management, our goal is to handle every aspect of rental property management so that you don’t have to. We pride ourselves on offering consistently excellent customer service, and our dedicated, detail-oriented professionals hold themselves to the highest standards to serve your needs. Our rental property management services include:

  • Rent collection
  • Property repairs
  • Tenant selection
  • Lease processing and renewals
  • General maintenance and upkeep

Trust your rental property to the local professionals. Call Professional Property Management today for more information about our rental property management services.

Investing in rental property, whether it’s a single-family home or a multi-unit building, involves more than just the purchase. Maintenance, emergency repairs, tenant selection, and rent collection all need to be managed, but if you let Professional Property Management in Springfield, MO, handle those details, you can relax and enjoy your additional income. Our professionals are experienced in residential property management. We’ll take care of the details and report back to you. When you work with us, you’ll benefit from our:

  • Quick responses
  • Extensive experience
  • Attention to detail

We understand the responsibility of owning rental property can be time-consuming, but if you let us handle the leg work and heavy lifting, you’ll be able to see the benefit without all the work. We’ll maintain your property so it adds to your bottom line.

We manage properties throughout the Greater Springfield area, and those property owners have recommended our services to others. We are proud of our reputation as a go-to residential property management company in the area and would like the opportunity to explain our services to you. To learn more, call Professional Property Management today.

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